Parent Cafes

Parent Cafes are events where parents can meet to share ideas about parenting, learn about what is going on in their community, organize community projects, and connect with other families. Parents come together to share some food, fun, and find ways to strengthen their families.


Waldoboro Parent Cafe was started about two years ago by a group of community organizations (Early Headstart, Maine Families Home Visiting, United Way Midcoast, Strengthening Maine Families, Healthy Kids, Coastal Music Therapy, Community Infant Toddler Team).
At the first Parent Cafe held durning brunch, 14 parents attended with their children. Trish from Coastal Music entertained the children while parents got to know each other and shared ideas. Since that first event, several parents have taken over leadership of the group and have planned a few events.

pic2The Waldoboro Parent Cafe group has renamed itself the PITT crew (parent infant and toddler team). They organized a table at Waldoboro Days. They held a month long diaper drive and donated the diapers to the local food pantry.



The PITT crew have their own Facebook page created by the parents and they continue to plan community events.

Waldoboro Parent Cafe was awarded a Community Building Award by the
Midcoast United Way. Thank you United Way !


This year, one of the PITT members, Jessica, attended a Parent Leadership Ambassador training in Tennessee with the coordinator of Strengthening Maine Families.This training has prepared Jessica to be a co-trainer in parent leadership, during which both parents and staff learn about the importance of partnering effectively with each other and identify strategies on how to do this.

If you are interested in starting your own parent cafe or in parent leadership, please contact Amanda Lonsdale, Coordinator of Strengthening Maine Families.

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