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Step 1:
Contact SMF to register as a SMF site. Online Registration Form

Step 2:
Center based programs: Click here to create a new online user account, create your own user name. If you would prefer, you can print out a paper version of the assessment, fill it out and mail it to the SMF coordinator at 12 Nancy Dr, Brunswick, ME, 04011. Once you have done this you will be contacted by the coordinator. Click here to print the document.

Family Child Care:
Click here to print out the assessment and mail it to the SMF coordinator at:12 Nancy Dr, Brunswick, ME, 04011

Step 3:
Now it’s time to review the assessment. For which areas did you most often select “disagree”?  These are potential areas for improvement. Use our strategy generator (or your own imagination) to try new ideas in your program.  Develop an action plan with simple goals. For example, if you want to increase the number of parents who volunteer in the classroom, your action plan may include putting up a sheet on the bulletin board for parents to sign up; add  photos of parents in the classroom with their children. Be sure to tag the photos with comments showing your appreciation for the parents’ time. Try this for a month to see if more parents volunteer. It is important to make a note of what happens when you try something new. If it works, keep the strategy; if it does not, either tweak what you are doing or try something else. This way, you are not investing a lot of time in something that does not work and you are keeping track of things you’ve tried. Be sure to ask your parents for suggestions they think might work for the area you wish to improve.

How to do Action Planning
1: Keep it simple: pick one area you need to improve and choose one activity.
2: Collect information.
3. Do that activity for one month.
4: Collect information about what happened after you implemented the new activity.
5: If you got the desired result, keep the activity.
6: If not: start over. Do another activity for just one month.
By doing one simple change a month you will keep things manageable, time efficient, and  be able to show what worked and what did not.

Step 4:
Check in with the SMF coordinator to share ideas or to request assistance regarding parent engagement. Check in with the SMF coordinator if you are interested in building a parent leadership team in your programs.
Our coordinator is here to help you continue to grow strong parent partnerships!

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